Praise God, I had my first positive chest, abdomen, pelvis scan in over a year. My two tumors shrunk in half. This is such wonderful news for me and my family.  There could be cancer on some scar tissue but they’re not 100% sure. Either way today is a joyous day.

A little background about leading up to today’s scan.  After my last scan, one of my oncologists told me to not go on this chemo because it only works on 10% of the patients in my situation. She encouraged me to go off chemo for a month so I would be eligible for a clinical trial.  Going off of chemo scares me because my cancer has grown every time I’ve stopped.  I then met with my local oncologist who told me to try the chemo and I am so grateful I did.  The plan is to keep riding this chemo as long as I can.  This chemo has extended my life by two months and I’ll take every second I can to kiss and hold my family.

Scans are so nerve-wracking for me because my life can change so dramatically based on a 30 minute appointment with my oncologist. Janie and I both witnessed positive signs leading up to my scan, but I questioned the signs thinking they were there to cheer me up for bad news. My results remind me to always have faith with every outcome. On December 17th of last year, I learned my cancer was never completely gone and I was devastated and confused. Today I am overjoyed with love. (I kissed my oncologist on the top of the head once he told me the news). I can’t thank all of you enough for your support during this crazy ride. I wish I could kiss all of you on the tops of your heads.

6 Responses to Rejoice

  1. Dan Gushman says:

    Awesome news Weino! We were waiting for your update. I hope you and your girls have the best Christmas.

  2. Kelly says:

    So happy for you! Now that you have s very special angel watching over you I hope you continue to get good news!

  3. Janet holloway says:

    Such great news Kevin – so happy for you and your beautiful family! Prayers always for you.

  4. Anny says:

    Happy and thankful this is the best Christmas gift!! As I’m looking forwarward to celebrate the Holidays together. Praise the Lord!

  5. Susan Wilkinson says:

    Such great news!!!Thanks for letting us know….

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Cheese Curds says:

    i am so happy for you and your fam! Such happy news!

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