Radiation Again

I met with my radiation oncologist and the tumor is able to be radiated.  I was relieved to hear this news.  The procedure doesn’t come without it’s own complications.  The tumor is 8mm from my aorta. The doctor was very confident it wouldn’t be a problem, which amazes me.  I’m grateful to be sick in this era of medical technology, where a tumor 8mm from my aorta is not deemed a problem.  I know there is a lot of research and funding going towards finding a cure and I’m hoping I’m around to see it. This time while receiving radiation,  I will not be listening to reggae or any other toe tapping music. I don’t want to be moving too much while I’m receiving radiation 8mm from my aorta.  I will have four consecutive days of treatment beginning March 21st.  I will be off of chemo for the procedure and the week prior because of the side effects chemo has on my blood.  This will be good because I won’t be in pain over Easter and I will be able to enjoy spending time with family and friends.  Hopefully no ER visits this year.

This Friday, March 4th, is Colon Cancer Awareness Day.  The color designated for colon cancer is blue, so wear blue on Friday.  Also, since it’s butt day, talk about  butts and colonoscopies. As always, thank you for your prayers and support.  We continue to fight on with the help from all of you.

Happy butt day!

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