I’ve been thinking of you all and I hope you and your loved ones are safe. 

I wanted to check-in with everyone who was wondering about my health. First off, I’m okay.  I had a brain scan in February which was clear of tumors. Since my last post, I changed my chemo pill regimen because my feet and hands became too sensitive.  I now take my chemo pills on alternating weeks instead of two weeks on and one week off.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, my doctor and I decided to go off of my infusion chemo for eight weeks.  This summer, I was planning on having a simple outpatient procedure to replace my port (where I receive my infusion chemo).  I’ve had my port for seven years and it has now built up scar tissue which is blocking my port from drawing blood. Usually, for any type of surgery, I have to be off my infused chemo for six weeks because it negatively impacts my blood and prevents it from clotting.  With the outbreak, we decided to move the procedure up to May and this will allow me to avoid hospital visits over the next two months.  

My family and I have been isolating and following the CDC guidelines.  I know it’s harder on my girls. Anabel was upset and confused about why everything was “taken” from her (school, friends etc.) but overall they’re doing great.  I am very fortunate that I am able to work from home. I am currently doing telehealth (video conferencing) sessions. You can check out my virtual waiting room,  I’m still adapting to the change in how I meet with people, but it’s getting easier.  There is such a need for mental health treatment now, I’m thankful I can do what I can.   

 During this pandemic, I have to be extra careful because I’ve been on chemotherapy for over seven years and I’ve had five lung surgeries and two lung radiation treatments.  I spoke with someone from a Baltimore hospital that, at the time, had roughly 20 Covid-19 patients. He told me the ones with underlying lung issues were intubated and fairing worse than other patients.  

I know for many of us, our quality of life has been impacted by COVID-19.  As someone with a compromised immune system and underlying lung issues, my family and I can’t express enough our gratitude for everyone’s effort and sacrifice in taking COVID-19 seriously.  During my cancer journey, I experienced many dark times and what got me through those dark times was faith, hope, and love. And faith, hope, and love will get us all through this.      

A friend sent this prayer to me today and I think it’s a good one to share.It’s from Joseph McShane, a Jesuit priest and President of Fordham University.


To those afflicted with COVID-19, swift healing;

To the frightened, courage;

To the dying, comfort;

To the dead, eternal life;

To health-care providers, strength and stamina;

To our leaders, wisdom and compassion;

To our nation, unity of purpose;

To the Church, the grace to serve the suffering selflessly;

To all believers, strong faith in Your presence;

To the whole human family, unity of heart; and

To us, your servants, the reward of knowing that we are doing Your will when we spend ourselves in loving service of others.



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