Katie and I before May Procession


Last week my brain MRI came back clear of cancer.  My next brain MRI will be in three months.  I’ll have my body scan in June and then I’ll learn how effective the radiation treatment was with eradicating the nodule in my lung.  Physically I feel fine, except for the itching and burning sensation on the soles of my feet, which is one of the side effects of my chemo treatment.  I also learned that my actual fingerprints have gone away.  I’m required to provide fingerprints to renew my therapy license.  I was informed my prints were not acceptable because they weren’t well defined.  Come to find out, my fingerprints have actually worn away from the chemo.  I’ve thought about turning to a life of crime, but realize I would never get away with it because I’m too slow from the pain in my feet.    

It’s been two years since my brain surgery, but to me it seems ages ago.  When I think about that time, I remember I was hoping to get out of the hospital, so I could attend Katie’s kindergarten graduation.  I recall thinking, this may be the only time I see my child graduate.  I was able to attend the graduation and even had a tear in my eye as I watched the Class of 2026 get their kindergarten diplomas.  The funny thing is, I used to think kindergarten graduations were a bit ridiculous.  Now I can’t wait for Anabel’s graduation from Pre-K.  I don’t think I’ll bring a beach ball to throw around or an air horn to blow, but I may have a tear in my eye for being alive to see another graduation.   

This summer Janie, Katie,  Anny (my mother in-law), and I are traveling to Rome, Italy and Lourdes, France.  Janie and I always get insecure about telling people of our traveling opportunities and plans because traveling is expensive.  We are so fortunate to not have to pay full price for our flights.  Our airline ticket price is deeply discounted because  Anny worked for United Airlines and has given us her companion passes.  This will be Katie’s first “big” trip with us. When planning trips, I used to think things like, Why spend the money for kids to go on a trip when the kids won’t even remember the experience?  I now realize my jealousy of not being able to afford those types of trips for my family clouded my perspective.  I didn’t think about the parents’ memories of traveling with their children.  I believe Katie will love the trip, she’s already excited about being able to watch her own movies on the airplane. I understand she may not fully appreciate the beauty of the Pieta, but I will never forget the beautiful moments of holding her hand while walking through St. Peter’s holy doors or eating gelato in a Roman square.  My memories will be treasured.  I only wish we could include Anabel this time, but I know how much walking we do in Rome, and this isn’t the best time for her.  I will give updates about our trip and pilgrimage in the future.

Please hold Frank and Josh in your thoughts and prayers as they are battling cancer.  My boss Frank has always been supportive and loving towards me and my family.  Josh is young and a father with Stage IV colon cancer.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and mother figures in your lives.  Thank you for your continued prayers and reaching out to me through texts, emails, and facebook messages.  




Happy Mother’s Day Southpaw



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