My Rock

Imagine your spouse being diagnosed with stage IV cancer and told he or she probably wouldn’t beat it.  Now imagine having a four-month-old baby and a         four-year-old child.  What would consume your thoughts?  Fear?  Worry?  Doubt?  This was Janie’s reality.  No matter how difficult, Janie’s thoughts and actions have been based on hope, love, and strength.  I figured mother’s day would be an appropriate time to write about Janie, an amazing wife, mother, and my rock.

If you know me, you know that I deal with difficulties using humor.  Janie’s approach is to take everything head on.  It shouldn’t surprise me that she has been so strong throughout this, but everyday I’m awestruck by her ability to compartmentalize and accomplish so many things.  After each medical appointment that leaves my head spinning, she has already processed what was said and knows what needs to be done to better the situation.  She continues to go to work where she has been excelling and then returns home and transitions right into mom and wife mode.  Janie is also my lead researcher and you can find her reading about cancer and cooking healthy recipes every night.  When I come home from work, many nights she’ll have a dark green liquid from juiced vegetables waiting for me (of which I’m not a fan but know it’s important).  While juggling being a mom and not having as much help from me because I require more rest these days, she continues to stay motivated, strong, and loving.

On our honeymoon, I would tease her each morning by saying “forever”.  Meaning that she’s going to be stuck with me forever.  I couldn’t imagine what was in store for us.  I now know that no matter what happens in life, I will be with her forever and her with me.  I could write a novel about how much Janie means to me but the only words I need to say are…I love you…forever.


our wedding day

our wedding day

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