Recent Brain Scan

My brain was clear of any cancer. Thank you for the prayers and positive messages. Let’s keep it going for next week’s chest, abdomen, and pelvis scan. The reason I can’t do all of the scans on the same day is because there is a separate machine and contrast for the brain.

As I was lying down in the MRI machine, listening to Christmas music (switched it up from reggae), I was thinking how strange my life is. Here I am in the basement of a hospital on a Tuesday night (7PM) having my brain scanned for tumors while listening to Christmas music. Sometimes my life is surreal. But I would go through that each time to get these results. Thanks again for the prayers and words of encouragement.

7 Responses to Recent Brain Scan

  1. Julia Strain says:

    Wonderful news, Kevin. I am expecting good news next week also. Happy Holidays! Julia Strain

  2. cityfit2014 says:

    That is awesome news!!

  3. Susan Byles says:

    Awesome for you and another magnificent one for the Big Guy upstairs! One prayer down, more 2 go. Just try to relax, Kev, those Big Hands belong to a really BIG man!

  4. Charles says:

    Kevin, you are alway on our thoughts. Congrats and we will be praying for you on your next scan. Your good news always makes my back feel better. Chas. & Wilma

  5. Susan Wilkinson says:

    Wonderful news! Will pass this on to our prayer groups. Keep giving us good news! Prayers continuing!



  6. Karen Kelch says:

    Hi Kevin. I am leaving this from Mary B. as she doesn’t know how to leave comments. “Way to
    go, dude”

    Karen Kelch

  7. Lori says:

    Praise God! Kevin you are always in my thoughts and prayers! you humble me with your positive attitude! Merry Christmas to you and your family! xxxxxxx

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