Good Memories, Better Friends

my medical entourage

my medical entourage

The best pain to experience is chest pain from laughing so hard that you can’t catch your breath. I recently spent a weekend with old friends reminiscing about the past and laughing. I think retelling stories with friends is better than the actual event itself. It seems the stories become funnier over time no matter how many retellings. After spending time with my friends, Gerrit Benson, Joe Young, and Matt Leslie, and reliving stories of our past, I appreciate the memories more than the moments. Most of the stories weren’t shining moments of my life (my daughter Katie needed to cover her ears most of the weekend), however, they were definitely memorable and definitely funny. One of the best things about spending the weekend with them is seeing that they have not changed since junior high. Gerrit is Gerrit, Joe is Joe, and Matt is Matt. With my life ever changing, I love it that they are constant and dependable. I rely on my friends being who they are because that’s what made us friends in the first place. Tough times aren’t so tough when they’re around.

10 Responses to Good Memories, Better Friends

  1. Darcy Stables Ledesma says:

    What a crew! Kevin I think you are so brave and have such an amazing spirit. Sending lots of positive thoughts and energy your way!

  2. Chrissie Scott says:

    Wino, we’ve been thinking about you so often. (and reliving a few memories ourselves of your and Randy’s freshman year!) Love to see your friends there with you. We are sending positive thoughts your way and know you will be this. -Chrissie & Randy

  3. Carrie Sawyer says:

    What a great post Kevin. I love seeing the faces of old friends. Ryan and I have kept you in our thoughts, and although I’m kinda at a lost for words on most occasions in regards to situations that our though, I want you to know I haven’t been lost in thoughts or prayers for you. We will keep you and your family close at heart and be thinking of you all. keep posting! Take care, 🙂 Carrie Sawyer

  4. weinkp1 says:

    Thanks Sawyer family for keeping us close to the heart.

  5. Rupa S. Murthy says:

    Kevin- saw your pic on Laurie’s Facebook page the other day. Made me smile. Lots of prayers coming your way. Stay strong.

  6. Laura (LaRoche) Leporati says:

    It’s been a long time, but I saw a few people on Facebook posting your blog and was shocked when I read it! I’m so sorry for what you are going through and will be praying for you and your family as you go through this and BEAT IT! You were always so kind to everyone you met….now it’s time to just soak in the love from your friends and family as they get you through this! Take care, Laura

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