After the colonoscopy

After the colonoscopy, I needed a CT scan immediately and was given the run-around from my insurer.  They said approval for the scan would take five business days because they needed the results from the biopsy determining it was cancer.  This was frustrating because the GI doctor was 99% sure that it was cancerous.  I made an appointment and waited.  The waiting was difficult as my mind was racing with every possible scenario.  A couple of days later, while grocery shopping with my wife and dad, I began to experience chest pains.  I tried to blow it off thinking it was nothing, but decided to address it and went to the emergency room.  At the hospital, I was given an ECG, a chest x-ray, an ultrasound, and they did blood work.  Ironically, everything came back normal.  I went ahead and explained the results of my colonoscopy and that I needed a scan to determine the extent of the cancer.  Within minutes, they set up a CT scan for me.  I went into the CT scan holding rosary beads, relics, and prayer books in my hands.  As the scanner had me “take deep breaths” and “hold it” and “breathe”…I prayed that the cancer had not spread.

14 Responses to After the colonoscopy

  1. Ben Montano says:

    We got your back in this fight! Prayers & Love are being sent!

  2. Alli Birkhead says:

    Stay positive Kev! You have so much courage!

  3. Mike Halpern says:

    Kevin, your JMU buds from 1155 S. Main St. are all in your corner. You are the man! Inspired by your courage and positivity bro!!!

  4. weinkp1 says:

    Great to hear the love from 1155 S. Main St.

  5. David says:

    You are a strong man!

  6. James Driscoll says:

    Hey Weino! Keep writing and keep fighting!

    • weinkp1 says:

      Thanks Jimmy D. I’ll keep you posted about putting a team together for the Colon Cancer 5k Run in Richmond this June. Thanks for connecting me.

  7. onaples says:

    Got your note on caring bridge. Good luck to you! Holler if you have any questions:)

  8. Carlos says:

    Hi Kevin, how’s it going? Thinking of you, Janie and the girls every day. This guy in my office is fighting cancer too and the days after chemo he comes in walking very slowly down the hall. I heard the treatment is brutal, but he’s making it to work, his hair is growing back. Keep it up we have faith you’ll make it. Carlos.

  9. Greg Ebare says:

    Hey man. Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you. I did my treatment at Johns Hopkins so if I can help answer questions or alleviate stress or whatever, please let me know.

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