Brain MRI Results


Good news, my brain MRI came back clear of any cancer.  The day of the scan started out rough though.  I slept only a couple of hours the night before because my feet were itching and burning, a side effect of chemo. Because of my lack of sleep, I decided to have a relaxing morning and take Anabel to daycare later than usual.  My morning was a little too relaxed and I ended up rushing at the last minute to get out of the house.  As I was walking out the door, Anabel wanted her Dora winter hat.  We went back in and explored our house for the Dora winter hat.  We couldn’t find it and the fox, bear, zebra, or Minnie Mouse hat would not suffice.  By this time, I was going to be late for my appointment.  A crying Anabel and I went out to my driveway.  As I was holding Anabel, her feet began pushing down my sweatpants (I can’t wear any metal in the MRI machine and I prefer to wear my clothes instead of wearing a hospital gown).  I made the decision to waddle like a penguin with my pants falling down instead of putting Anabel, her lunch and backpack on the ground (I’m glad my neighbors did’t see me).  I buckled her into her car seat and sat down in my seat and realized I didn’t have my keys and I locked my house door.  I went to my neighbor’s home for our spare keys but the keys were to our old locks.  By this time I was 30 minutes late for my appointment and, fortunately, I was able to move it back.  I eventually was able to get into my house but it was a frustrating and knucklehead-filled morning.

On Valentine’s Day, Janie and I leave for MD Anderson In Houston, Texas for a week of medical tests.  CT scans are usually nerve-wracking for me, but in a new environment with new doctors it is a little more anxiety provoking than normal.  But I have spoken with people who have been treated at MD Anderson and they only had wonderful things to say about the doctors.  Also my thoracic surgeon, whom I love, trained there and is having a colleague “check on me”, which is very comforting.  I’m also looking forward to spending time together with Janie.  I’m trying to view it as a mini-vacation.  With that said, please keep me in your prayers and send me positive vibes the week of  Valentine’s Day.  As always, thank you for your prayers and kind words.


I thought this was cool.  Katie is on a billboard for her school.  We didn’t know anything about it until we drove past and Katie screamed “It’s me!”.





8 Responses to Brain MRI Results

  1. Fortune L. Krisak says:

    Kevin You are in my prayers every day and will continue to be. It is so good to hear great news on your health. My Mom was treated at that same hospital for breast cancer in the early 1980s. She lived to be 94. God bless you and have a safe trip. Tina Krisak

  2. lori cox says:

    you have been in my prayers and I will never stop praying for you – you are my inspiration! keep the faith! lots of love to you and your family!

  3. Clark says:

    Great to hear buddy! & sometimes those rough mornings are the best starts to a good day! Thinking of you Kevin!

  4. Julia Strain says:

    Kevin, I had to chuckle at your morning …..not finding the Dora hat, Anabel crying, your pants falling down, losing the keys, running late……you are living life, dear one. I think of you every day and am so happy you are able to experience all of these wonderful times with your girls. By the way, they get more and more particular and insistent upon what they like and want…girls are that way. Pray for you every day and will particular pray for specifics during Valentine week. You are awesome and I love to read your inspirational, beautiful updates. Love to you and your girls.

  5. weinkp1 says:

    Thank you for your prayers and support. I’m excited for Gerrit to experience those types of mornings and everything in between.

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