Hello March

I know I have not posted anything in awhile, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. It’s actually quite the opposite. Janie and I went to Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia in mid-February and since coming back it’s been a whirlwind. I plan to write a separate blog about our trip. This post will be an update of my current medical situation.

I had a CT scan on Monday, February 23rd, and got the results on Wednesday, February 25th.   The results were complicated, similar to most of my scans. I had two tumors deemed undetectable and the other one doubled in size. Since it was complicated and I’m running out of chemo options, they presented my case at tumor board. A tumor board is a group comprised of medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and surgeons who collaborate on forming the best treatment plan. They met on Monday, March 2nd to discuss my case. They decided the best option for me would be to have surgery to remove the one nodule. The choices to remove the tumor were ablation, radiation or surgery. They believe being aggressive thus far has helped me and not to slow down now. Surgery would be the sure way of getting the tumor out of my body. They decided to hold off on radiation because my body can only handle a certain amount of radiation and it’s best to have radiation as an available option in the future. This tumor appears to be resistant to treatment and will continue to grow unless it is removed.

The procedure does not come without it’s own worries. I’m worried about being off of chemo for 10 weeks (6 prior to surgery, 4 after surgery). The previous times I’ve been off of chemo, cancer cells had reappeared. Both of those times I was off of chemo for 5 months and this time will be half as long. But it will still be a thought in the back of my mind. When I think about being worried about future scenarios, it’s a sign to me I’m not present in the moment. This thinking leads me to not appreciate where I am in my life.

I have a lot to be thankful for today. I had a brain scan this past Wednesday and I’m relieved it was clear of any cancer. I’m also relieved the tumor board did not recommend changing my chemo to my final chemo option. I’m thankful I have options, but the next chemo option will be rough on my body and I’ll be on it forever or until it stops working. I’m thankful my body will be able to handle my 4th lung surgery. I’m thankful I have the support of so many people. All of your support gives me strength to be optimistic about having my 6th surgery in the past 18 months.

Today is Colon Cancer Awareness Day. Please keep in mind and in your prayers all of those who’ve been diagnosed with colon cancer, especially the newly diagnosed and their families.

Today is also my mom’s birthday. Happy birthday Mom.

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  1. bettyboobird@gmail.com says:

    Not a day goes by when we’re not thinking about you and Janie. We’re still fighting the good fight with you from Wisco. You guys are tough as nails and I continue to believe that good health, positive energy, and your new level of conscious living will prevail over those damned cancer cells. Much love, all of my confidence and strength, Betsy

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