Surgery Tomorrow

On Thursday, October 24th, I will have my colon resection surgery, which has been my dream from the beginning.  I feel blessed because I have had the best-case scenario for my recovery.  In the beginning, I imagined this moment would be the end, but I now realize there is no end.  This chapter is near the end, but cancer has changed every facet of my life and is ever present.  Over the past nine months, I went from being diagnosed with Stage IV cancer to hopefully being NED (no evidence of disease) after this surgery, which will truly be a blessing and a miracle.  God is great and so are all of you who have supported my family and me over the past nine months.  We are forever grateful for all of the love and support.

Throughout this experience, I have found and met people my own age with similar diagnoses and I would like you to keep them in your thoughts and prayers:  Nick, who is fighting cancer and has a young family, Karen, who just completed her first chemo treatment and is kicking butt, and Leah, also with two young children, is fighting cancer with such grace. Thank you.

19 Responses to Surgery Tomorrow

  1. Tom says:

    Good luck tomorrow! Stay strong like nick foles and michael vick!

    • weinkp1 says:

      Stay strong like nick Montana and Michael Vick? Don’t you mean Jay Cutler and Lance Briggs. I won’t have kids yell “go eagles” tonight at your door.

  2. Susan Wilkinson says:

    You r in my thoughts and prayers, along w all the Morning Glories! GOD BLESS! Sue

    morning Glories!

  3. Laurie Wilbricht says:

    You got this Kevin! Stay strong and know that so many are thinking of you and sending love. This journey is about to get a whole lot better! You’re amazing and I think the world of you. Hugs, Birk

  4. Rachael Corr says:

    We are thinking of you and your family Kevin, and sending prayers.
    Rachael, Leah, and our families

  5. Krissy Downs says:

    Good luck tomorrow! Praying for you and your doctors.

  6. mary benson says:

    You are such an inspiration to me!!! Continue to pray for complete healing for you. Love to you and Janie and your beautiful girls! Thank you for posting. Extra prayers tomorrow.

  7. mary benson says:

    I meant today!

  8. Mike Capehart says:

    Thinking about you and your peeps. Much love to you all. Kev, you are an inspiration and your message has been a gift.

  9. Sue Weimer says:

    Kevin and Janie and family – we are thinking about you and send our love from Delaware. We will look forward to updates – and to seeing you in a couple weeks. You are the bomb. (Is that a relatively current expression?) Sue, Neil, Russ and Scott

  10. Linda Martin says:

    Your will be in my thought and prayers.

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