Update by Janie

Kevin will be having two surgeries this fall.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  On Wed. Sept. 11th at 8 am,  Kevin is having surgery on his right lung to remove three tumors.  The surgeon is confident that she can remove the tumors.  She will need to remove the middle lobe (the smallest of the lobes) and said that Kevin will lose about 7% of his lung capacity.  Then 5 weeks after lung surgery he will have surgery on his colon to remove the site of the original tumor with about 1/3 of the colon.  Kevin still has a battle to fight.  He is so brave, strong and positive.  We believe that with love and prayer amazing things will happen.  We thank you and love you.  We had the time of our lives this summer filled with family, friends and fun.  Kevin will post about it soon.  

One Response to Update by Janie

  1. Susan leslie says:

    Janie: Jim and I have been following Kevin’s progress from the beginning……you have our thoughts and PRAYERS!!!!! Susan Leslie

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