Race Day

Team Backstagefour

Team Backstagefour


Some days I truly feel “normal” and forget I have cancer.  However, during the 5k colon cancer awareness run in Richmond, I didn’t forget and I didn’t feel “normal”.  I felt overwhelmed with joy and happiness and proud of all of my friends who were there to support me.  It was a rainy morning on race day, yet everyone wore smiles and had a good time.  Team Backstagefour had a strong turnout, over 50 people if you include all the little feet.  It was fun catching up with folks I haven’t seen since college and reliving stories from the past.  I’m truly blessed to have such amazing friends.  I want to thank Matt Leslie for all of his help coordinating the team and the after-party.  I also want to say thanks to my brother Tim and the rest of Team Kevin who ran a 5k in Rhode Island that same weekend.  You guys are awesome and I feel the love and support.

Rhode Island Team Kevin

Rhode Island Team Kevin

Richmond 5k after-party

Richmond 5k after-party

hanging out with friends

hanging out with friends


The week after the race, I met with my colorectal surgeon to discuss radiation and surgery.  He told me some surprising news…the original tumor, or primary mass, is no longer there.  He went on to say that I do not need radiation because there is nothing to radiate.  What wonderful news!  There was no medical explanation other than I had a great reaction to chemo (I guess drinking Holy Water doesn’t hurt either).  This outcome could change how my surgeries are to be planned.  The standard protocol would be to first remove the primary mass then remove where it had spread.  However, the order may switch depending on what the lung surgeon thinks.

As I have learned, cancer is unpredictable.  I was unable to receive chemo on my scheduled week because my white blood cell count was too low (2K) and treatment had to be pushed back a week.  I was hoping my white blood cell count would increase through the week.  It did not, so I was given a shot that would boost my count so I could receive treatment the following day.  So ten rounds of chemo down, two more to go.

Tomorrow I meet with a geneticist to learn if I have a gene mutation that caused my cancer.  Then this Friday I meet with a lung surgeon and will learn when and how he will preform the surgery.  On Monday, July 8th, I have a shorter colonoscopy to mark the scars where my tumor was so they will know what area to remove.  I finally feel like I am making progress and getting answers to the questions I have had for the past six months.

Thank you all for the prayers, positive vibes, and kind deeds.


4 Responses to Race Day

  1. Lori Cox says:

    wonderful news! we will keep prying for you Kevin! XXXXXX

  2. Greg Ebare says:

    fantastic news kevin. i’m so happy for you and your family.

  3. P. Gilbert says:

    Congrats, friendo! Keep up the amazing work!

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